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A quick fix to the Instagram story mistake that you may not know you are making

We’ve all been there. We open Instagram and start tapping through stories only to be faced with an annoying collection of blank colours or icons that the user will use for their Instagram highlights.

Your Instagram highlight covers do not need to be posted publicly on your stories!

Avoid committing this Instagram crime by editing your highlight covers within the story interface on your profile. Unsure how to access this? Follow the easy steps below.

(1) Start by opening one of your existing highlights from your profile. (2) Tap on the 3 dots on the bottom right corner of the screen a menu will pop up, (3) select ‘Edit Highlight ’. (4) On this new screen select the blue text that reads ‘Edit Cover’. (5) This will open a selection page, tap on the image icon. Once you click this icon you will be taken to your camera roll where you will be able to select any image to upload as your new cover without notifying ALL your followers. Ta-da! ✨


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