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date: april 2021 - october 2021
scope: social + influencer management
agency: creator services 

When it comes to numbers , I'm very proud of my work with Supreme Trimmer.  Although we didn't have full control of the aesthetics of the account, the growth that we saw in 6 months is a true testament to the power of targeted engagement and micro-influencers.

The account was in rough shape when we first logged in - over 800 followers with virtually 0 engagement. Yikes! The feed was also full of clunky, unbranded graphics that made the company look very unprofessional.

Within 6 months we had grown the page to 5,200 followers! Most importantly, those followers were loyal and interested in what we were posting. Our engagement rate was above average sitting at 4.16%. 
The main reason we saw this growth was a creative approach to micro-influencers. We got very specific with the cities we wanted to grow in and recruited barbers that worked within those regions. Not only did this network of professionals provide us with great UGC, they also helped us reach exactly who we wanted.

Through likes, comments and authentic direct messages we were able to establish Supreme Trimmer as the up-and-coming tool for industry and in-home use.
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