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trebilcock coffee roasters


date: may 2018 - may 2020

scope: full social + light ad management

agency: brand ambition

As one of my first clients, Trebilcock Coffee Roasters holds a special place in my heart. After having a negative experience with another social media manager in the past - It was my job to gain the client's trust and show them how social media marketing could improve their small business.
In the first months of management, I focused on upgrading the roastery's visuals. I expanded the visual branding, adding a suite of fonts and colours to the existing logo. I also collaborated with our photography team to do a shoot that captured the team at work. This gave us the tools to create a polished feed for the roastery that was more aligned with the higher price tag of the product.
photo courtesy of brand ambition shoot
My main goal with this brand was to sell an experience. Trebilcock Coffee Roasters is a father-son business that is committed to creating the highest quality ethical coffee. The duo works with and purchases directly from producers around the World. With 10 years of experience under their belt - they know their stuff about roasting and brewing! I communicated the roastery's rich brand story with an array of educational and B.T.S posts that focused on the sourcing, roasting, packaging, and shipping process. Positioning the father and son as the face of our feed to help consumers build a personal relationship with the brand. 
Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 10.29.30
I kicked off our first campaign by introducing a series of posts called 'Trebilcock is Here'. The branded reoccurring graphics not only helped us build valuable relations with the brand's distributors, through shares, tags, and geotags it also helped us re-introduce ourselves to a warm audience that already knew and loved the product. We built on this momentum with targeted engagement and some small boosted posts in the specific areas of the distributors. This (mainly organic) campaign had great success bringing in 100's of new followers to the page and causing several distributors to sell out of merchandise. 
While working with Trebilcock Coffee Roasters I had the unique experience of collaborating with Olympic Medal Winner/ Influencer Sam Pedlow. Together we negotiated a deal wherein exchange for product, he would provide us with content and tag us in a couple of posts every month. This partnership helped us reach the Toronto Athletic Community, a new audience that was very interested in our product.
By the end of our six-month contract, we had effectively tapped into several new engaged audiences. This lead to a great increase in reach, following, and website visits. Most importantly, I had gained the trust of a skeptical client with an ROI they were pleased with. I was able to build a strong 2-year relationship with the client that lead to multiple income sources for my agency and a fantastic online presence for this small business.
personal photography collected on an on-site content creation trip
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